🔜🤯 The future of application development

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MVC? MVVM? VIPER? Who cares! All of those are a thing of the past anyway.

Here's how you'll develop applications in the near future:

  • Instant feedback loop between your changes in the editor and what you see in the simulator
  • Declarative user interfaces (UI is a pure function of app's state, all updates happen automagically)
  • One team developing the app for multiple platforms (high reuse of views and logic, while maintaining what's unique to each platform)
  • Adding state, behavior, bells&whistles to views through composition of pure functions

Here's a secret: the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.

. . .

Okay, now here's the REAL secret (but let's leave that out from the actual talk description): though I come from native iOS/Mac background, I've been working recently with React Native a lot (including advanced techniques, like recompose, HOCs, functional components).

React Native is a dirty phrase inside iOS community, but I believe it shouldn't be. It's an imperfect technology and you probably shouldn't use it for your next project. BUT there's A LOT we can all learn as a community from it. There are brilliant ideas in React and RN that are not allowed to shine, because it's JavaScript. But we can look at those ideas, learn from it, and re-implement the same methodology in faster languages, and with more focus on native look&feel.

I want to persuade developers how awesome this imaginary future world would be by using pseudo-Swift syntax… and at the end reveal that you can do almost all of it today using React Native+recompose, and all that's missing is for us to take those ideas and move them to the iOS world.


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    This sounds super interesting, would love to hear it.

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    I don't know how I would react to the reveal of "Surprise it was React Native all along", but the idea of a talk on how we might improve software development in the future seems good. Swift Playgrounds are certainly an improvement over past approaches, but we could still do better.