🐟 Founding NeMo: Architecting an App for Interchangeable and Dynamic UI

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These days, mobile engineers are working on apps which are increasing in complexity and requiring special solutions for specific functionalities, for which there is no cookie-cutter architecture to cover all the functional and technical requirements.

MVVM (💩) and MVC (💩💩) can only take the source code so far, but not far enough in most cases. In this talk, I'll be discussing how we designed our custom, but familiar architecture to cater to the product's needs as opposed to vice-versa.

We strived to design something that was both Neat and Modular, which is how we found NeMo. Because of NeMo, our app was able to:

  • Have a completely dynamic user interface which allowed us to rearrange layout components without having to resubmit to the AppStore. 🎉
  • Reusability components (and code) in several different parts of the product.
  • Allow for easy integration and extensibility with other frameworks, architectures, and design patterns
  • Written entirely in Swift.
  • Leveraged specific Swift's language features.
  • Be independent of third-party libraries.

Architecture shouldn't be a passing thought to a product's technical design. If the product you're working on has or, or intends to have a list of ever growing features and functionality, there's a considerable chance an off-the-shelf architecture won't suffice for the long term.

By the end of this talk, my aim is to get the audience to:

  • Think critically about architecture design.
  • Understand the pro's and con's of creating their design.
  • Learn to plan for edge-cases in their design.
  • Download the source code for NeMo and implement or improve upon it.
  • Feel confident enough to design their own custom-built architecture.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you all at UIKonf 🙌 ❤️


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    Hey there. Author here. I’ve taken your suggestions and renamed the talk and removed potential copyright infringements. Thanks for raising this with me =]

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    It's probably not a good idea to use copyrighted material in your proposals or presentation. Should you get an opportunity to present this talk, you might be surprised how quickly Disney Pixar will have your talk pulled from YouTube if it's entitled "Finding Nemo" and features the eponymous Clownfish.

    I agree the name is a clever combination of Neat & Modular, but you don't want to run afoul of corporate powers. :)

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    Replying to previous suggestion:

    Hey there. There is no sample on GitHub, that would break the vestibule rules, but I'll update this on the weekend to include some related images

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    Is there a sample on github or somewhere else of this architecture/approach? Wonder to see what is meant.