Swift and Hardware - Building an Autonomous Tank with Swift

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After an initial talk about Swift and Hardware, the next logical step is to interact with the physical world using Swift on the Raspberry Pi to read sensors and drive around a robotic tank.

Initial Setup

  • how to get Swift running on the Raspberry Pi?
  • what sort of toolchain works best for programming from a Mac and getting code onto the device?
  • should I use Xcode, or another editor for programming Swift on Linux?


  • sending driving commands to motors
  • sending/receiving data over the network
  • getting sensor data from LIDAR sensors (if time allows)


  • see the robot in action on stage
  • sending commands to the robot over the network
  • tour of the sensor input code (if time allows)

Next Steps

  • link to website showing more details that may not have had time to demo (sensor code, construction photos, alternate Swift implementations like manual bit setting)


  • Fd986fb4ad972b68fee7c675ac2e2feba68d3226?size=100x100 fd986fb4ad972b68fee7c675ac2e2feba68d3226 suggests over 1 year ago

    I'd suggest to focus on demoing the robot moving first and only then demo more advanced stuff. In the past, some ambitious demos didn't have the impact they could by trying to do too much at once.

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    If this does everything listed there, it sounds amazing.