App Delegate is Breaking Bad ...

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AppDelegate is such a mess. Here is a solution to make it perfectly clean. From 🍝 to 💎.

In More Words

AppDelegate is the main entry point of our applications. It’s the place where we put all the different initializing stuff. We also consider it as our "super singleton" object: if we don’t know where to put something, let’s put it in the ’AppDelegate’! We end up with a MAD architecture (Massive App Delegate).

Our Massive AppDelegate knows way too much about our application. For example:

  • How to set up every library we use,
  • How to style our UIAppearances,
  • How to handle UINotifications,
  • How to set up our data persistence,
  • How to set up all our *Manager

This catch-all ’AppDelegate’ is a real mess and a pain to maintain or debug. Why? Just because it ignores everything about separation of concerns…

In this talk, we’ll see how we can get rid of this MAD architecture. We’ll move from a big-jumbo class that knows everything to a modular and focused architecture. Every component of this architecture will be responsible for a specific scope.

About This Talk

This talk lasts between 20 and 25 minutes. It’s based on real-world experiences. At the end of the talks, you’ll have everything you need to make your AppDelegate perfectly clean in less than 2 hours of coding without destroying your codebase.

Each of my talks have a theme. I’ll let you guess this one ;)

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