Review All The Things!

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The world has gone crazy. It has made us extremely busy nowadays. Product owners want us to write code fast, to ship new features even faster. Because of that we don't have time for self-improvement.

We are programmers that may be great in their craft, that may write top notch source code, but we are also - humans. We make mistakes, all the time. We also want to become better people, better engineers. But how can we do that? Why should we review our work?

You know, I have a vision, where unit testing and code review are a standard, not an opt-in feature in iOS development. I've been fighting a lot to introduce them at my workplace. Let me tell you what things get reviewed in other industries and why it is so. Join the talk if you want to start code review practices at your company, but you don't know how to kick it off.


  • The proposal author responds 10 months ago

    Thank you for kind words. The main idea of the talk is definitely to show what gets peer review in other industries. I would like to introduce peer review aspects to the audience and show by analogy why we should adhere to these practices in iOS development.

    I'm free for an open discussion during coffee/drinks ;).

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    I really like the idea of exploring the idea of making mistakes and why we should we review our work.

    It sounds like the meat here is:

    Let me tell you what things get reviewed in the world and why it is so.

    That's a great idea. Essentially: "Here's a survey of how other industries do peer review and why." Because we often don't do any.

    I wouldn't suggest you make this an open discussion (I may have misunderstood your last sentence). That can happen over coffee/drinks.