Building Serverless Swift APIs with Apache OpenWhisk

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Do you want to build backend APIs using Swift but don’t want to manage computing infrastructure to run those applications in the cloud? Enter serverless cloud platforms…

These services allow developers to push code, rather than VMs, into the cloud. The platforms allow you to connect external event sources like API requests or message queues to functions in your code. As events occur, your code is instantiated and executed to process each request. Developers are only billed for the milliseconds needed to process each request.

In this session, developers will learn how to build Swift microservices using modern “serverless” cloud platforms. We’ll look at common challenges (and solutions) to building applications using “serverless” stacks. Exploring emerging “serverless” design patterns will give developers the knowledge to build application architectures using these new platforms. Come and learn how to build scalable Swift microservices for the cloud without having to provision, setup or maintain any servers!


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    I like the combination of serverside swift with serverless.