Is it too late to learn how to code and how being a developer change my life

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I will talk about how and why I wanted to be an iOS mobile developer at the age of 51 and how a 16 year inspired me to learn to code while standing online waiting to buy an iPad and the challenges I face after becoming an iOS developer looking for jobs being told that I am not a developer being the first self-taught African American woman mobile developer to create a domestic violence app dedicated to helping victims escape abuse being that I have family and friends who were victims and how I got an Apple scholarship and how Apple found me at the conference and was highlight at WWDC 2015, at WWDC 2016 I was in the New Beginning video and was played at the keynote event and also being as by GitHub to be in I am a developer video last year. Some people want to believe that people my age are out of touch with technology but me I love technology.

I also premiered in Apple newBeginning Video

GitHub -


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    I'm there. This could be very inspiring. What's going to be in the talk more concretely?

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    I'd suggest renaming this a little bit. "I am a developer at 54" doesn't tell me much about what the topic is gonna be.

    Maybe something like "How I learn to code at 51 and got mentioned at WWDC"?