How have you been iOS? I missed you

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I am going to take 4 months between now and the UIKonf to build the app I always wanted to build.

A couple of years ago I have moved to the management path and I miss coding. There is also an app I always wanted to build, but somehow that never happened. I am challenging myself to write this app now. To install XCode again, to learn Swift, to make my dream come true!

Hopefully by May I will have an amazing story to tell! There is also a lot of questions I hope I will be able to answer. How has the iOS and the community changed since I last worked full time as an iOS dev (4 years ago) ? How did I manage ( or not?) to find time to build my app while I have another job? Do I want to go back to coding or am I staying at the management path?

Alternative titles: "Building my dream app. Finally!"


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    I would be great to expose some details on what kind of dream app do you have and how you, as a manager, can decompose it/make priorities to deliver it till UIKonf.

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    This description is all about you. What will you tell us?

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    this sounds like a great personal project and I wish the best of success to you, it does not strike me as a talk at this point. maybe you should concentrate on your project and tell the story next year?