Designing Experiences for Augmented Reality

updated over 1 year ago

As mobile technology continues to evolve, the line between physical and digital experiences are blending together. From the web to mobile, and now emerging technology, Augmented Reality adds a layer of possibility in the real world. With that comes the need for a great user experience.

Before any line of code is written, prototyping the experience is key to ensure that you can learn and uncover meaningful use cases before rushing into implementation. This talk will give an overview of best practices for AR design, showcase examples (both good and bad) examples of Augmented Reality.

You'll learn:
- An overview of the history of AR
- The difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality
- Best practices for AR experiences as you transition from mobile-centric patterns
- Learnings from designing with ARKit

It will feature a case study of a proof of concept between a designer and software engineer using Apple's ARKit to rapidly prototype, get feedback, and implement a v1 of an AR project.