Sunken Treasures of Xcode and UIKit

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It’s often the small things that make the life of an iOS developer a lot easier. This talk aims to put a brief but bright spotlight on all those overlooked and underappreciated things and explain the stuff that you’ve always wanted to look up or didn’t know existed!

  • There is a much better way to name and re-name things in Asset Catalogues than „OnboardingConfirmationButtonHighlighted“.

  • There is quite a lot of cool stuff you can do with Interface Builder’s mysterious „Exit“ node.

  • The UIContainerView class does not exist, thought’s prominently featured in IB. But the UIContentContainer Protocol exists! And if used correctly, it can get you a long way to make your ViewControllers slimmer.

  • You can save a lot of fetches and code with CoreData Constraints and the right Merge Policies.

  • And more!

The goal is to have everybody in the audience, both expert and novice, leave the talk with at least one new thing he/she didn’t now before, but from then on will use every day.


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Thanks! Got carried away when writing, of course it's UIContentContainer. Fixed it.

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    I'm always willing to admit I've more to learn about Xcode. However, did you mean UIContentContainer protocol?

  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    I think of making a very simple demo project for the talk, that does everything as simply as possible and for the aspects I talk about I'll dive in to how it works. So that'll be the overarching theme, and the demo project will be available after the talk.

    In my experience that resembles how I look at other peoples code: "Oh, it dit that thing well, how did it do it?". I won't do live coding, and might not even show Xcode besides screenshots, but I'll show the app first for context and then dive into these aspects on slides.

    It will have a bit of a "listicle" touch, but hopefully only the good parts that make them so intriguing: I want to quickly touch a lot of areas and give hints and tips of where to look to get further. And some of the things are actually very simple, just nobody knows them, because they usually fall through the cracks of more sophisticated in-depth talks.

  • 2fd5585092316e178382abb98bc00bb40ee9162e?size=100x100 2fd5585092316e178382abb98bc00bb40ee9162e suggests over 1 year ago

    These are very interesting topics. I'd love to hear more about them but do you think you'll be able to distill them to a coherent talk of 25-30mins as opposed to a listicle of a talk?

  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    The one about Exit Nodes is a bit similar to nil-targeted actions and the Responder Chain. Once a very common feature, I find more and more developers who don’t know about it. Question to the community here: Should I include those two things too, or should I assume the audience knows about them?