Accessibility: iOS for All

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In this talk I will take a three-pronged approach to Accessibility. We will look at Accessibility as:

  • Users
  • Designers
  • Developers

Why all three? Because in order to build truly accessible apps, it's about more than just understanding the APIs; it's about looking at the big picture. In what ways might the user interact with your application? How does the look/feel actual impact how your app is used? How can your architecture and knowledge of Apple frameworks provide better user experiences for all of your users?

First, we will start as users. I will examine the various challenges that users may face when interfacing with an iOS device. While a lot of us have heard about VoiceOver, iOS devices offer a myriad of accessibility technologies to help their users. I'll take a quick tour of these technologies, focusing on the newer ones that have come into existence since iOS 9 and 10. Close attention will be paid to which of these technologies require work on the part of the developer to harness.

Next, we will look at application design. I will discuss how fonts, color, layout and more impact the user experience for users with and without various types of challenges. I will point out key resources that help make thinking about accessible design simpler.

Finally, we will be developers. We'll take a quick dive into the UIAccessibility APIs. I will first introduce the basics of these APIs and then will go on to discuss some of the newer developments in UIAccessibility since iOS 9 and 10. Real code examples will be used to demonstrate how simple it can be to create a truly accessible user experience!

In the conclusion of the talk, I will bring us full circle to discuss how everyone can be an Accessibility Advocate. I will specifically touch on how to advocate accessibility work to your team and management, touching on the power of having numbers and user feedback.


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    reply to @b2f2d3e6553c2b4048b93300959895ab76b4154 :

    Thank you for the suggestion; this is a fantastic point. I am adding a final paragraph which mentions this issue and will include it in the conclusion section of the talk.

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    Yay Accessibility! It's probably the most important thing developers are skimping on. There's a lot to accessibility, however, so I'm glad to see you're covering it from the perspective of the three big stakeholders.

    At the risk of asking you to make it even more difficult to cram everything into 30 minutes, could you give some thought to adding material for helping designers/developers sell accessibility to management. This is usually the big stumbling block once they've come on board with the necessity. Retrofitting an app isn't free; so having a few juicy stats to bandy about might make all the difference.

    I'm looking forward to your talk!