Developing Empathy

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Developers tend to focus on building a well-architected app that's clean and scalable. We don't necessarily concern ourselves about the feelings our users may have while using our app or the emotional impact it might have on their lives. Even the smallest UX inconvenience can take a toll on App Store ratings, but if a user connects to your app on a deeper level, you gain a more forgiving audience.

When we truly seek to discover the problems our users are facing, we understand how to give them a solution that goes beyond convenience. I'll discuss my experiences as a developer on an app with a fanatical following, as well as apps that hit or missed the mark in delivering a strong connection to their users. How can we develop an app with empathy in mind?


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    I am a bit worried that this talk could be a bit too close to a UIKonf talk from last year:

  • The proposal author responds 9 months ago

    Absolutely. I think it's important to discuss pain points and areas of improvement with empathy as well. ;-)

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    This is a great idea. Understanding what makes customers connect with one app versus another is a big deal. It's especially important when you consider how easy it can be to break that connection.

    Be careful using 3rd party examples. You don't want to hurt too many feelings. :)