Pumping NodeJS modules using Rust

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This proposal has been withdrawn...

If you’ve spent much time writing & debugging node module code for performance in a Js app, you’ve probably had a hard time managing memory and native code integration.

In this talk, we venture deep into the belly of the Rust Language to uncover the secret incantations for building high performance and memory safe node modules using Neon, which helps you to write native node js modules and it is definitely gonna mesmerize you with its easy language bridge capabilities for building high performant and crash-free Js apps.

Rust is out there creating a new generation of system programmers, it has a lot to offer in terms of safety and performance for high-level programming languages such Python, Ruby, Js and more with its easy Foreign Function Interface capabilities which enables developers to easily develop bindings for foreign code.

Get started today with neon:


Install the Neon CLI.

$ npm install --global neon-cli

Create a new project!

$ neon new my-project ~~~~


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Sorry I was miss informed about the conference threads. I thought there was a web-dev thread in the conference.

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    I like Rust as much as the next person but this seems off-topic.

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    What does it have to do with iOS development? I would say that it is a topic for the web development.