Why and How to Optimize the Localization Process

updated over 1 year ago

This proposal has been withdrawn...

  • Should you localize your app even if it has just a few strings?
  • Should you just release in english and maybe localize later if the app goes well?
  • Should you even consider any localization preparations while the app is beeing developed?
  • Should you translate appstore descriptions and screenshots?
  • How to get translated texts in and out of your app?
  • Can't just use google translate?
  • How can i make room in my tight release cycle?
  • What about updates and bugfixes?
  • Why bother providing descriptions, screenshots and beta builds?
  • How to test translations?
  • How to fix wrong translations?

Localization often ends up as a burdon on developer todo lists typically shortly before the release when they are already in a lot of stress. The talk will try to answer several questions that come up in the app localization process as well as pinpoint a lot of the typical errors and show tools that can help to solve them and make developer life a bit easier.