How to fail a mobile tech startup

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In 2014 I quit my well paid job as lead developer to start a company.

We've jumped through a lot of hoops like angel investors, accelerators, got funding, rented an office, hired people but in the end it didn't work out and we needed to let everyone go.

Things have gotten better afterwards and we're now a small but steady growing company providing a platform and sdks for app developers but i can show what me made wrong and what I think is important if you want to create your own "something something mobile" company.


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    Yes mostly and probably also my views on how to approach technical difficulties with a business perspective. But as long as this goes on here its quite open for suggestions :)

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    I assume this talk is not technical but all business/life-story?

    If so: GREAT!

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    this talks sounds very interesting. I'd love to hear it.