WIP: Debugging Depression

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Depression and anxiety are widespread in the tech community; over half of those who took part in the 2016 Mental Health in Tech Survey identified as being diagnosed with a mental health condition by a medical professional. This doesn’t include those who suffer in silence without seeking help. Between long hours of solitary work and high pressure, often high-conflict team environments our field puts extra strain on our mental health. How can we care for ourselves and move beyond just ‘getting by’ to truly thrive in the workplace? This talk will share steps you can take both as an individual and as a company to help support your own and other’s mental health at work. Just as we learned to recognize the warnings and errors in our IDEs, we can learn the signs of mental illness and we can help. We will also discuss proactive steps to promote a safe, healthy work environment and address common issues before they start. We spend a lot of time talking about how we can prepare our code to be a good environment for future developers. Let’s give the same care to how we can support each other’s well-being outside the codebase.


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    I think this is a great idea. It's long past time we learnt how to deal with each other as human beings and recognise the needs we all have, flaws and all. Especially because some of the conflicts we may be encountering could be brought about by feelings of isolation and depression.