An introvert's guide to public speaking

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This proposal has been withdrawn...

Last year, after a talk I gave in my hometown someone asked me "Why do you give talks?" I couldn't answer honestly.

The first reaction I get when I hear public speaking is panic. Every time I need to jump on stage I feel that cold sweat running down the back of my neck.

Why do I keep doing it if it’s so uncomfortable?

In this talk, I’ll not only try to answer that question but also tackle some of the most common misunderstandings surrounding tech talks. Is the speaker the most technically capable? Do they have a special knowledge about the topic they’re discussing?

The best professionals I’ve worked with in my career have been great communicators. As with any skill, this needs to be trained. I'll argue that public speaking is a great way to improve our communication skills and to get out of our comfort zone.

The structure of the talk will be the following:

  • Why do I speak at tech conferences?
  • “I don’t have anything interesting to say” and other lies.
  • Why should you speak at tech conferences?


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Thanks for the suggestion! I updated the title to reflect better what I'll be discussing.

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    Topic and description are good, but the title really sucks, you come off as a self-centered weirdo - sorry. The TLDR is a much better title!

  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    In the spirit of keeping this anonymous I prefer to not give my credentials and let the talk speak for itself.

    That being said, one of the points of my talk is that no matter your credentials or how much you know about a certain topic, speaking publicly/blogging about what you learn is always worth it, even if you're not an expert on the topic (which I'm certainly not in public speaking).

    This talk is intended to empower people that struggle with public speaking or any type of public exposure as I do and encourage everybody to share more and don't be afraid to expose our own mistakes.

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    What would your credentials be to give such a talk?

  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    The author here!

    Thanks for the question! As it has been pointed out, this talk is not directly related with iOS development. It's about software development in general and about improving your communication skills. I'll argue that that is one of the most important skills for a software engineer, but this talk should benefit anyone working as a developer, not only on iOS.

    I don't think this means it can't be presented on an iOS conference. I think we can all learn from more language agnostic talks, and as pointed out, there has been a number of talks not directly related with iOS development in the past at UIKonf.

    I'll let people decide if they're interested! Hopefully they are!

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    There have been UIKonf talks which had nothing to do with iOS in the past:

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    What does it have to do with iOS development? It looks like a good talk on conference for developers from different platforms.