Travelling to Android World as an iOS Native 🍏🤖

updated 7 days ago

Is developing Android really that different?

This talk persuades people who exclusively develop iOS (or Android) to try out developing Android (or iOS) applications. There much to learn outside the iOS environment that you can steal its ideas from and makes you better as a developer.

I will share my findings on how similar Android development is from an iOS developer point of view. I will also highlight concepts that are somewhat exclusive to Android, which caused me scratching my head.

From my experience building a feature on Android, I realise that we have similar problems to solve but expressed in a different language. You need ways to find parallels to help you grasp the concept. Usually, it’s the same concept but with different vocabulary.

Just like a traveler who is visiting foreign country, this talk provides you the ‘Travel Language Phrasebooks’ for navigating Android land. It contains translations of important concepts like Activities, Fragment, RecyclerView, etc that is important to know. Try travel to the Android world and you will be surprised at how similar things are.


  • Short backstory
  • Android to iOS pocket dictionary
    • Activity : ViewController
    • RecyclerView : CollectionView
    • Fragments : Child View Controller
    • etc
  • Differences on Android
    • Lifecycle
    • Java annotations
    • Dependency injection
    • etc
  • Swift and Kotlin
  • Gains
  • Where to start?
  • References