Reactive Programming From Scratch

updated 9 months ago; latest suggestion 9 months ago

Reactive programming is an exciting approach to building responsive, interactive and robust apps. But it also comes at a cost: the learning curve is steep and can be long. Because of this, getting started with reactive programming can seem to be a daunting task.

With this talk, I want to give the audience the confidence to get started with reactive programming. I want to take away any (perceived) magic by focussing on the core concepts: observables, observers and subscriptions. I will explain these concepts by writing a tiny reactive library in only a few dozen lines of code.

This talk is primarily intended for people who have no (or almost no) experience with reactive programming. But also if you’ve already done some work with this, the talk should help you get towards that moment where it 'clicks'.


  • The proposal author responds 9 months ago

    Thanks! I would certainly look forward to giving the talk, would it get picked.

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    This sounds like a great idea. Rather than focusing on any particular framework, teach the concepts at the core. I'd imagine there will be far more people in the audience who are entirely unfamiliar with the concepts and eager for a clear explanation than there are for a talk evangelising a particular framework.