6M to 0 in a year - A case study

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There are success stories of startups and we are all impressed by those and strive to emulate, recreate some of those. The ground reality is that that where 1 startup makes it big, there are about 20 that fail (I made that stats up, but you get the idea).


I have worked with a couple of companies and have seen a mixed blend, where technically We have been able to deliver on the technology but despite that, things have not been so well.

This is a brief journey of the issues that plague a development team and how things failed. The choice of tech, architecture, tools, team, politics, aspirations, management, etc that contribute to this bit fine mess.

The talk would finish with the learning from these failures and how you could prevent some of these in your own organisations at the level that you can influence. Thereby helping you go the right way, from 0 to 6M in a year not the other way round.


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