Living smarter not harder: Building mobile products the happy way!

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In a world full of hustle and work harder, we are trying to go at it in a different way. In this talk, I would love cover what it means to lead a remote Mobile Team from idea to product reality. What challenges we found on the way and what things we are learning while approaching this whole process in a happy way.

Our companies culture has been a big influence on how we build products, especially in the Mobile Team. As most of us know building Apps is different than building Websites or Web apps, in some companies, this ends up being a problem. Mobile Teams become too separate and need to explain why things are working differently for them. In companies where products where first and foremost build for Web, Mobile has a hard time pushing through. In this talk, I would love to say that it does not have to be this way, and there are ways to turn it around and make Mobile the Engineering Leader in your company. I want to go into some details about how we are structuring our work and we are are doing this in a fully distributed team. Structure: * I will start with a quick intro and what I do as a Mobile Lead and a short history of the Mobile Team * Then moving into our Team setup and structure, tools we use for communication, product work/decision, CI, etc. * Continuing with a little dive into user-centric product development, as all of us in the Mobile Team is in contact with users via Email or our Reviews every day! This helps us to stay connected and understand what the current situation in our apps is. User Research for free basically * Together with the product development I would love to also mention and talk about building a strong culture to promote the vision your team has and how you can influence your whole Engineering culture :) * After some examples I would love to finish with a Lessons Learned Section about things we think work great and other things which might not have worked out so well.

I see the level of this talk quite broad and potentially of interest to everyone from Developer to Designer. From Product Manager to Team Lead or Tech Lead.

Topics range from Product Development, Team Culture, Tools for Mobile App Development, How to be user-focused as a Developer, People Leadership


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