Lessons in Accessibility

updated 8 days ago

Accessibility is becoming more and more important, and it's also never been easier to make your apps accessible. But most developers still think of accessibility as a daunting task, adding to their already massive workload, with the deadline looming over their shoulders.

However, there are plenty of small things you can do as a developer to take accessibility into account, making them a part of your standard workflow. And when you get used to this, you'll be able to learn about another accessibility featureā€¦ and anotherā€¦ and another.

This talk will help you get started on accessibility by presenting common accessibility issues in apps, and options on how to solve them. By using a real life app, app as an example, you can see what a difference it makes.

Key take-aways

  • Why accessibility?
  • How to get started with accesibility
  • Common accessibility issues and their solutions