♿️ Getting started with Accessibility

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Accessibility is becoming more and more important, and it's also never been easier to make your apps accessible. But most developers still think of accessibility as a daunting task, adding to their already massive workload, with the deadline looming over their shoulders. And because of that, accessibility too often gets delayed until later… or never.

However, there are plenty of small things you can do as a developer to get started with accessibility. Once you learn about some common accessibility issues and give them a place in your standard development workflow, you'll find that the time investment isn't as big as you might have thought. And when you get used to having one accessibility feature in your workflow, you'll be able to learn about another accessibility feature… and another… and another!

This talk will help you get started on accessibility by presenting common accessibility issues in apps, and options on how to solve them. By using a real life app, app as an example, you can see what a difference you can make in a relatively short time. Getting started on accessibility has never been easier!

Key take-aways

  • Why accessibility?
  • How to get started with accesibility
  • Auditing your app for accessibility
  • Common accessibility issues and their solutions;
    • Voiceover
    • Dynamic Type
    • Accessibility gestures
    • Switch Control
    • more…
  • Future accessibility issues to pick up


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Thank you for the suggestion, grey robot!

    The proposed talk is novel because it gives developers handholds to actually get started on integrating accessibility, in a way that doesn't consume as much time as the team might fear.

    I've updated the proposal to (hopefully) make it more clear that this is a talk for developers to get started on accessibility.

    If you have further suggestions, please let me know!

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    While accessibility is an important topic for our apps, it is not clear to me, in which way the proposed talk is novel. I'd really appreciate if the author could pitch in.