UI development: a clear process from design stage to test phase

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  • Would you like to identify the UI components of you app more easily?
  • Is it important for you to be able to test the user interface of your app?
  • Does your components rely in non-ui dependencies?

By the way:

  • Is your project’s compilation too large? :)

Those are just a few of the questions that I aim to answer based on my (and my team’s) own experience. Having a clear process involving designers, UX and developers is important. Building a UI design system (similar to the UIKit from Apple) but oriented to your own project helps to solve problems that many teams face on daily basis: Effective communication with designers and being able to reuse of the UI components is just a dream sometimes. Decreasing your development time while doing the UI components can be achieved. Testing the UI elements to avoid regressions is not always easy due to asynchronous and mutable states, but it is possible.

A good UI development process can help in many cases and I would like to tell you how we did it!


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    I updated the proposal a little bit, it was confusing probably. I want to talk about a UI process that we implemented in my team that includes many concepts: atomic design, a UI framework, snapshot testing, continuous integration.

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    Are you talking about a design system like Atomic Design or UI components like UIView? It's kind of hard to tell here.