RIBs: Why Uber built a new mobile architecture

updated over 1 year ago

This proposal has been withdrawn...

Uber's mobile engineering team has grown from 3 mobile engineers 5 years ago to around 400 today. With such a large engineering team - working on just a two main applications - we've outgrown all the commonly used mobile architectures and none provided us with the ability to keep shipping reliably at speed.


A new architecture paradigm was needed to support the development of mobile applications with hundreds of mobile engineers. After investigating all other mobile architectures, Uber created RIB's, a platform-agnostic, open sourced, novel mobile architecture designed with reliability, testability, isolation and maintainability in mind.

In this talk, you'll learn about the motivation to create an entirely new mobile architecture, the process that let us re-write the Uber application in 3 months with 200 engineers and an overview of the architecture itself.