Realm powered applications

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Of course, we all know, we should not be building applications around 3rd party components. But it gets quite hard when 3rd party components gives you so much power.

In short, Realm is not only a replacement for CoreData or SQLite, it has much more functionality in itself which is both fast and reliable. I'd like to present the power and effectiveness of it. Realm can be seen as reactive database which can power not only user interface, but data synchronization as well.

In this talk I'll be presenting

  • introduction to Realm and basics
    • models and how they're declared
    • collections
    • queries
    • working with Realm objects
  • arguably the most amazing feature - fine grained collection notifications

It produces a great user experience when data is synchronized as fast as possible between web app and iOS app, but it usually requires quite a lot of work to implement such complex functionality. Addressing this problem I would like to emphasize the capabilities of fine grained collection and object notifications. I found it easy to build UI but especially to do a synchronization between back-end and application and even synchronization between main app and app extensions like Today widget or Watch app. More to that Realm can power content indexing to Spotlight.


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Forgot to specify a rough estimation. The intro would take about 10 mins concentrating mostly on queries as they're a good intro into collection notifications. And for the rest of the time I'd be presenting various applications of fine grained collection notifications.

  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Thanks for your feedback! Fair point that it's much to cover, so keeping that in mind I've removed two points from the talk outline. Even though Realm provides really convenient way to do migration I'd skip that in my talk as it's not the main subject. Encryption is just a nice-to-have feature, but probably can be applied to very specific needs.

    The essential idea of this talk is to present the power and flexibility of fine grained collection notifications so I'll concentrate on that and will try to present it as clear as possible.

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    It sounds like there's an awful lot to cover in 30 min. Maybe you want to pick a subset and focus on just that?