Building UI together with designers. Exploring the power of data-driven approach to UI development.

updated over 1 year ago

Modern mobile application quality standards often require a lot of prototyping. Usually, it is done by design team before software developers are in charge. This approach is formed mostly because of large development costs.

Data-driven approach for UI development is capable of removing this restriction and is able to allow designers and developers to iterate over separate part of native UI element together until appearance, animation, and behavior is perfected.

The data-driven approach can be used to easily implement and maintain snapshot tests, scripted user behavior for animation debug and iteration.

The essence of data-driven approach lays in the assumption that every part of UI can be represented as the set of data, which can be serialized, transferred between clients and visualized inside a designer-friendly tool.

In the talk, I will explore the domain of data-driven design and will focus on features that can be enabled by it.