Move fast and keep your code quality

updated 9 months ago

What happens when you need to deliver something tomorrow but you know it won’t be possible? Should you not create tests to move faster? Maybe don’t do code reviews? Why wait for the CI to finish?

In this talk, I’ll explore alternative ways to build software in a fast paced environment without destroying your code quality or the future of the project.

Plus, I’ll share some best practices on team building that are directly related to approaching these issues.

One thing that most successful companies have in common is an amazing group of talented people who work well together. How do you get there? How can you, as an iOS developer, contribute to creating a great work environment and a supportive internal community, and still produce high-quality software in a fast paced manner?

I’ll share my experience on being part of a team of iOS developers from all over the world. How do we keep moving fast while maintaining our code quality?