Improving user experience with Apple Pencil

updated over 1 year ago

This proposal has been withdrawn...

Apple Pencil unlocks a different way to interact with iPad, which can be both efficient and comfortable. I’ve implemented enhanced support for Apple Pencil in our product and would like to share what I learned.

This would be most beneficial to anyone making an iPad app that supports drawing. However I think Apple Pencil could enhance other kinds of apps too, and the topic is generally interesting.

The talk would cover both design and implementation:

  • I would discuss the benefits of Apple Pencil for users and what features it works well for.
  • The next part is implementation: firstly detecting the Pencil and distinguishing it from finger touches.
  • I would go through how we can increase realism and responsiveness using coalesced and predicted touches.
  • Finally we would look at performance. While this is highly dependent on your codebase, I can share some general tips for using Instruments to identify bottlenecks and some possible ways to make your code faster.