React Native after a decade of iOS

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Two iOS engineers enter a bar... 🍻

Imagine sitting at your favourite bar and having a large Apfelschorle while two grey bearded iOS engineers take place on the table next to you. They're having a conversation about their first experience writing an app in React Native. You perk up your ears to learn a thing or two.

This talk is targeted for iOS engineers with some curiosity towards React Native. It will answer all (all?) the questions you never dared to ask. It will also answer all (all!) the question you never even thought you would ask.

Context on talk and speaker

I've spent the last decade exclusively building iOS apps (also my Android experience was zero to none). Since Dezember I'm working on a React Native app for a big NGO that is targeting iOS and Android. When I started out on the project I had a rough picture of what ReactNative is capable of, what the ecosystem around RN and Javascript looks like and which parts of the app could become difficult. I wish I knew back then what I know now and you all soon will know.

To cut to the case. The talk is going to highlight some aspects around how ReactNative does its magic that I haven't seen highlighted in other talks so far. It will rant about some issues (don't forget the setting is a bar) and will show up some of the solutions to problems you never thought you might have. You might also see me drinking Apfelschorle out of a beer glass. 🍎🍺


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    Is this more conceptual/tutorial-style, or do did you build a concrete, large project and show pitfalls?

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    Can you provide some more details on questions one might ask about React Native, and a sketch of the answers your talk might provide? It would help to have a better sense of the structure of the talk.