🔑 End-to-End encryption for iOS Developer

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This talk covers the basic introduction to the modern-day end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for the beginners and advanced users.

If you ever wondered:

  • What's the difference between end-to-end encrypted and the regular messengers?
  • Why only recently the E2EE instant messaging became available for the day-to-day use?
  • What's the technology behind the scenes?

...then this talk should provide you with the answers.


  1. The basic encryption primitives (Sync/Async encryption, Hashing, Key Derivation Functions).
  2. Big Brother and why the privacy is important.
  3. Brief historical overview of the encrypted messaging practices.
  4. Modern-day encryption improvements that enabled the real-time E2EE communication.
  5. How it applies to iOS.
    1. Basics of not sharing the data with Apple.
    2. Push notifications + E2EE.
    3. Share extension + E2EE.
  6. Future perspectives: E2EE for big group chats.

About the Author

Author is an experienced (9y+) iOS developer who is working for the company that maintains the known E2EE-enabled open-source communication platform.


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    Author: I brought this topic also considering the coming of GDPR. Certainly the attention of the governments to the surveillance and total control of communications increases the relevance of it.

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    I think given the current political climate, encouraging developers to think about encryption is a good thing. Especially if you also encourage them NOT to write their own crypto code.