Improving Scrolling Performance through GPU Optimisation

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Beautiful smooth scrolling is key to building polished apps that delight users. While the newest devices are forgiving of unoptimised code, older devices bring performance issues to light, especially in apps that display many content-rich cells. In this talk I will discuss an advanced technique for improving scrolling performance in table/collection views, specifically by optimising the code for the GPU.

Listening to WWDC talks is a great way to familiarize oneself with performance optimisation, as they focus on taking advantage of Apple's latest and greatest APIs. This talk, however, is for those who have already applied all of Apple's best practices for improving scrolling performance, but still see performance issues. It discusses an optimisation strategy using lower-level frameworks.

I am one of the iOS developers that was part of the launch team for Apple Music. Through this experience I gained greater appreciation and deeper understanding of performance optimisation. I learned several strategies for improving UI animation performance that are effective in content-rich apps.


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    Scrolling performance is a huge issue for so many apps. Anything that can help folks tackle this problem is important.

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    Thanks for the question. I have updated the proposal.

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    Can you please add how it be different from the number of performance related talks on WWDC?