Scaling beyond a single app

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My company's flagship application is among the top grossing apps in the AppStore and has millions of users. However we looked around for other interesting use cases, so that we can expand from one product to offering a complete suite. Turns out there are plenty. However, developing a mature app with a huge user base is completely different from starting over at 0, finding product market fit, and acquiring your first users all over again.

This talk compares different modes of operation and the implications they have for product and software development. It focuses primarily on product-side challenges, but another interesting aspect is how this is actually run in practice from a software craftsmanships perspective.

We have a mono repo with shared frameworks, using quite a few interesting tooling approaches via CocoaPods, fastlane, Danger etc. The goal is to make the whole software development process as seamless as possible to the app developers across all products and let the smaller apps profit from being built in the environment of a more mature product.

This talk should be interesting to app developers on all levels and product managers across the field, whether in small startups, bigger enterprises or their own indie app workshop.


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    @YellowHornedRobot: I can totally empathize with seeing a danger of this becoming a promotional talk for a specific app / service. But let me reassure you that this is not at all going to be a promotional talk for any product. Software developers are not really the target audience of the apps which are built by the company I'm working for. However this is supposed to be a promotional talk for good software craftsmanship principles. But this is not going to be just self-adulation and trying to sell an achieved ideal state as the one-fits-it-all-solution. I will be self-aware and humble. I will constitute past and current challenges, so that others can profit from these experiences and avoid them. So I totally agree with what you say, every "this is how we did it" should be followed by "this is how you can identify corresponding parts in your app". But I would go beyond that. Not all what we are doing here is suitable for everyone. So some of these "this is how we did it" should be even followed by "this is why this solution might be not for you and here is how you could also solve it differently".

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    This kind of talk always edges on the danger to become a promotional talk for a specific app/service. To avoid this, make sure to have actionable stuff that people can directly implement in their own products. Every "this is how we did it" should be followed by "this is how you can identify corresponding parts in your app"