Contracting 101

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Developers have a premium skill that is in high demand. Let's short circuit the learning curve and help get you started bringing in some extra cash. If you've already started contracting let's make sure that you're doing some of the little things that make a big difference. Useful whether you're looking to have a little extra spending cash, work on projects outside the normal scope of what you work on at your day job or take on contracting as your main source of income.

We'll cover:

  • Company - Why do I need a company?
  • Contracts - Why do I need a contract? What should my contract cover?
  • Clients - How do I find them? How do I pitch them?
  • Compensation - Equity vs. fixed bid, What should I charge?
  • Challenging Client Conversations - Non-payment, Scope creep, Bad design

Who am I?

I've been contracting in addition to college/a full time job since 2003 and have been full time for the last two and a half years and focused specifically on iOS since 2009. There are a ton of mistakes that you can make early on that are simple to avoid if you only knew what you didn't know. Leverage the mistakes I made so that you can have a better experience.


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    Due to the length of talk, distributed nature of the conference I had not planned on getting specific with any one locale but instead discussing some of the situations that caused me to alter my contract for better protection.

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    This sounds really helpful to a lot of people, myself included. Is this more of a general talk about contracting, or will it also go into the specifics of how various German laws affect this?