Improving Community & Communication in Your Team - and Beyond

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This is a mostly non-technical talk, through the eyes of an iOS and tooling developer.

However small or big the team is you're working with, you want to get the best out of each other: be it other (iOS) developers, designers, or product people.

Teamwork across multiple teams is hard. To what extent should iOS and Android developers work together? Share knowledge? Talk? What about Quality Assurance and mobile developers?

Transparency between these people can greatly improve the community within a company, make challenges among multiple teams easier to pinpoint - and tackle, and more.

The goal of this talk is to give pointers to enable this combination of people to challenge, motivate and improve as a whole. All of this will give way for some key takeaways: * How documentation can help improve communication * How to improve the community within a company, getting together teams and people of multiple disciplines together * How to more effectively share knowledge among teams * Why and where to invest time into internal tooling


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    No one should talk to Android developers!

    Just kidding.

    I love talks about improving communication. It'll be good to see what new ideas you have.