Building a Complete Apple Watch App

updated over 1 year ago

This proposal has been withdrawn...

After two years, watchOS has quietly become the most popular watch operating system. As Mac and iOS Engineers we have all the skills necessary to build amazing apps for this new platform. In this talk we'll go through an example of building an Apple Watch app from scratch. People should come away feeling confident and excited about building a new app for Apple Watch.

Speed is the name of the game on watchOS. The faster an app feels, the more successful it will be. The Apple Watch development platform is quite powerful, but it also demands a simplistic approach to create wearable software that people want to use.

We've all been there, wishing we could tap a button on our Apple Watch to make something magically appear. So let's make an app for it. This talk will examine the current state of developing wearable software with WatchKit as we walk through building an app to order your favorite food or drink from a restaurant.

In this talk on WatchKit and watchOS we'll cover:

  • Accessing the Digital Crown
  • Building a Complication
  • Data Syncing with WatchConnectivity
  • Posting Local Notifications
  • Customizing Notification Appearance for Apple Watch
  • Interface Controller Layout
  • Apple Watch UI/UX