AppleTV: beyond Netflix

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The Apple TV is an amazingly powerful device that is greatly underestimated and under appreciated. The greatest advances in the Apple TV haven't been changes like moving from 720p to 1080p to 4K or funnelling lots of video content into an app. The power comes from its ability to sit in the centre of your home, automating lights, controlling thermostats, communicating with devices -- ultimately interacting with its local world. In this talk we'll be looking at how to communicate between tvOS and peripheral devices -- whether it's iOS, macOS, watchOS or other Bluetooth LE devices.


  • Introduction to Core Bluetooth/Multipeer/Bonjour/nDS
  • Scanning, finding and connecting to devices
  • Sharing data between devices
  • Polishing the user experience through awesome interactions
  • Suggestions

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      Based on the outline, it's hard to see how any of those things really relates to the Apple TV. (Maybe the interaction bit.)

      Yes, the Apple TV is a great box and it's been under utilised, however, I think it's under utilised because most people don't see examples other than media streaming.

      If you want to encourage people to consider the Apple TV as a home hub, it might help to start their brainstorming with an example of your own. You can then highlight how you use these technologies; don't dive too deep, just sell the concept. Talk more about the motivation for the project; talk about the goal you were trying to solve; get people excited about the possibilities.

      Then share links to sample code they can run on their own Apple TVs.

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      That's a lot of stuff to cover in 30mins. This seems one of the most interesting topics for me but I fear it may not be possible to do it justice in the available time.

      I hope for a lot of links to example code :)