The importance of Privacy in iOS

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This proposal has been withdrawn...

A lot of time Privacy of my data as a user is not a priority for Developers.

Wether it's my calendar, my contacts, my location, I want as a user to be able to use an app without all of those attacks in my privacy.

In this talk, I want to summarise things an iOS developer should do to ensure the most critical user can still use my app in some regards, and not just say

I need all your information

like on other platforms.

This is the beauty of iOS, being able to fine grained (although not enough) so let's do this all together, as a beautiful community concerned by Privacy.


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    Ah. I hadn't really thought of generating usernames. I've always been cranky when I don't get my favourite. But that depends on a service disassociating a sign in name from the nickname.

  • The proposal author responds 10 months ago

    • Overview of iOS APIs: Definitely the idea. There's actually so much to say after 10 years of development with iOS, this alone would fill the talk.

    • Client-server communication: If I still have time, I might touch on it.

    • Password schemes: I should at least have a slide promoting Password managers — and remind it might be a good idea to generate usernames as well.

    Thanks for the interest, by any means!

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    Privacy is super important and will only be more important going forward. However, there's not much information in your proposal about what you'll be covering. Are you planning to provide an overview of iOS APIs? Client-server communication? Password schemes?