Turning a native mobile development ship around. Pitching ReactNative and GraphQL to CTOs and CEOs.

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Want to learn how to write ReactNative or a GraphQL query? Well, you need to go a different talk then!

However, if you want to learn about the results of an intensive six sprints research and development initiative (at a major mobile development company) aimed at creating a modern tech stack involving ReactJS, ReactNative and GraphQL then boy have you come to the right place.

In this talk I’ll share learnings from the R&D as well as the workings behind the pitch – including team structures, cost analysis, incremental adoption, legacy vs new stack strategies – but most importantly of all, how to pitch it all to your CTO and CEO.


  • The proposal author responds over 1 year ago

    hi there,

    thanks a lot for your suggestions fellow bots :) , makes total sense and I can focus the talk exactly on that aspect as I agree, the goal here is not RN or GraphQL but the CEO/CTO pitch preparation.

    I'll re-adjust the abstract too to drive this message across better.

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    Similar to what the other gray robot said, I think this would be an amazing talk if it focuses on how to pitch and convince management of the correct technical decisions for the problem at hand. If the talk only focuses on specifically why RN and GraphQL are great and what the the executive summary listicle to sell it to your boss, then it's less great.

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    Every developer & designer could probably benefit from learning how to pitch an idea/technology to management. The actual technology is really less important than how you planned the project. Were I you, I'd focus less on the technologies and more on the social aspects of the effort. That way it's harder for those who might be turned off by React Native will be less likely to ignore the message.