Are quality engineers still needed in modern ages?

Last updated: 3 months ago

“We don't need quality engineers - we write automated tests ourselves.” How often have you heard this yourself? Even though quality is a team responsibility, developers automating tests without the customer’s point of view could end up only ensuring that your code logic is correct. Exploring the customer's perspectives raising different inputs, and discussing the business problem that we are trying to solve demonstrate that automation is not everything, and there is a lot more to look out for.

Quality is more than simply automating tests, because you can't test quality into a product; it must be built in. To be able to do so, quality engineers being part of the team create a mental model of your customers including their perspective, their needs and their user experience.

In this talk, I will reveal common misconceptions about the QA role in development teams, showing how Quality Assurance Engineers are fundamental and why they should be an active part of the process to achieve the goals of your product.


* Common misconceptions about the QA role in development teams

* How QAs help to build a quality mindset inside teams

* The importance of QAs to raise customer’s point of view


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
4 months

This is a very interesting topic but I got confused first, thinking "quality engineers" are engineers of high quality. Maybe I'm dumb but you might consider changing the quality engineers to QA engineers in the title.

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