Making time zone differences an asset to you and your team

Last updated: 18 days ago

You probably have, are or will work with someone in a different time zone. It is painful, don’t get me wrong, the further they are, the more painful it is. But after working the last 4 years in geographically distributed teams, I can state one thing: It makes individuals and teams better. If you want to learn about the how and why, this talk is for you. If you’re curious about how a team distributed across 3 time zones, ranging 17 hours, can work effectively, this talk is also for you.

I’d like to share what worked and didn’t work for the different teams I’ve been at. There’s no silver bullet but there are commonalities across all of them:

  • Organization and communication skills improve.
  • People care more about other peers. Putting oneself in someone’s shoes becomes a very common practice.
  • Speed of development improves.
  • Many more!