Explain Metal like I'm 5

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Metal is often avoided by many developers due to a huge complexity out of a first glance, but it definitely not that hard at all and deserves some attention! Learning GPU programming can give you a better understanding on how iOS rendering system works, and can bring you a lot of opportunities to improve your applications.

This talk is dedicated for the audience that has minimal or no experience with GPU programming on iOS or elsewhere. We will go through on how GPU works and what specific distinction Metal has. We will show how to write modern Metal pipeline that works just blazingly fast and can be easily understood.

Target audience

People with zero GPU background. Talk is designed to be so simple it barely uses the code to explain stuff. Experienced developers can still benefit form it since it contains lots of neat details on both general GPGPU-programming and Metal in particular.

What to expect

Easy going talk focusing on simplicity of low-level things and GPU architecture in particular. We will go though the history of graphics from 1970s to 2020s and see why GPU programming originated in the first place and understand reasons behind the fact that GPU are now used for machine learning and crypto-currency mining. Once the key concepts are clear we will see on Metal API form that perspective and closely examine every part of it.


Hopefully one can open a whole world of GPU programming after the talk. Everybody will be able to easily create their first GPU-pipeline following advices given in the talk.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
almost 3 years

The title seems as if it's not grammatically correct. (Should be something like "Explain Metal like I'm 5" or "Explain Metal to me like I'm 5") and that makes me a bit afraid wether the speaker has the necessary English knowledge to deliver a good talk

almost 3 years

Thanks, I've edited the title. My English can indeed be clumsy sometimes since it's not my native language, but my previous talks in English seem to be understandable.

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