Building Swift CLIs

Last updated: 7 days ago

While Swift is mostly being used for iOS apps, it is great in a whole set of other domains. And whenever there comes the time for you to automate things, it’d be great to leverage the language that you already know and that brings the type-safety we all love. But writing CLIs still needs quite a different approach!

Lately, I have worked on a multiple projects concerned with working with Swift CLIs. I want to share my newly gained experience with you and show you how to build a maintainable and easy-to-use CLI while letting you to focus on the main functionality.

For that we will also use Swift Package Manager libraries and we will take a little bit of peek under the hood to see how it works internally - and how we can use the libraries to make our CLIs better!

During this talk we will build a simple CLI, so that you are ready to work on your idea for CLI after the talk.