Structure you storage and your app with Storage Combinators

Last updated: 7 months ago

"Computers don't compute. They are filing cabinets" -- Richard Feynman

Although most applications today are highly storage-centric, most programming languages and application architectures are compute-centric.

Storage Combinators are simple, REST-like composable building-blocks for structuring your apps (and backends) along storage-oriented lines. They have been successfully employed in major apps, with implementations in Objective-C, Smalltalk, Go, JavaScript and Python.

"Over my career I've learned that some things don't have trade offs -- they're just better. These things don't come along very often, maybe once every five to ten years, but whenever I see one of these, I have learned to stop waffling and use it."

This talk will introduce the concepts as well as specific combinators and then show how you can use them to simplify your apps.