The Multi-Threaded Asynchronous Parallel World of Swift

Last updated: over 2 years ago

iPhone and iPad are becoming more advanced than every before. Meanwhile languages such as JavaScript and C# thrive with asynchronous and parallel syntactic sugar. Therefore, how can Swift developers take advantage of these multi-core processors?

In this talk, the speaker goes over the several ways to optimize your code using modern asynchronous APIs. Starting with Grand Central Dispatch, he will talk about priorities and queue. He’ll also cover how NSTask, Google Promises, as well how SwiftNIO does Futures and Promises. The speaker covers parallel asynchronous operations on collections, dependent task operations, and more.

The speaker assumes you have beginner knowledge of Swift and especially some basic knowledge of functional programming techniques. If you are interested in optimizing your code further and getting your code ready for Async/Await in Swift, check this talk out.