Design patterns for good app architectures

Last updated: 7 months ago

There are a lot of discussions about the proper app architectures. MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIP, VIPER, Redux are often named as state of the art solutions. And every presented solution aims to be the best universal solution for all problems in current and future apps. But an architecture mostly exists of different other smaller design patterns, which individually addresses only one problem. We often turn a blind eye to this, even if we learned it at the university, and love to focus only on the overall abstraction layer.

The talk addresses the clean implementation of different parts of an app with common design patterns, but without focusing on overall app architecture. That will be focusing on the visual representation, user interaction, data management & persistence, and usage of external services. All will be in the context of UIKit, because you shouldn't fight against your fundamentally used framework. :)

The outcome will be a toolbox of design patterns, like

  • Singleton
  • Adapter
  • Mediator
  • Composite
  • Interceptor
  • Repository
  • Factory

for each part, an indication when to use which pattern and how to glue all of them together for suitable app architectures.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
7 months

Nice every developer should have those in the toolbox 👍

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