Scaling From One App To Dozens Through Whitelabel Patterns

Last updated: 7 months ago

What's better than one app? Many apps. Through the use of whitelabeling techniques and patterns you can reuse one app to generate many apps by reusing the code and a few helpful techniques. These apps can either be cookie-cutter or so unique the users would never know.

In this talk the following techniques will be covered, along with real-life examples of over a dozen reliable and heavily used apps built on the same shared code base:

  • Using CI and testing to ensure integrity across all the apps.
  • Use of build and runtime configurations to customize functionality.
  • Using asset catalogs, strings files, and storyboard for custom UI.
  • Dependency injection and strategy pattern for customizing behavior.
  • Where to put the customization points.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
7 months

Cool we do the same at my work - would like to hear more 👍

UIKonf Friendly Commenter
7 months

Would be awesome to hear your experience especially about how (and where in the code) to organize customization points for different app flavors.

UIKonf Friendly Commenter
7 months

I'm doing something similar for three of my apps as well. Would love to hear about your approach!

7 months

thanks for the feedback.

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