6 Instruments Every Developer Should Know

Last updated: 4 months ago

You’ve finished writing the code, and QA has signed off. But are you sure it’s ready to be released? How fast does your app launch? Will it drain your users’ batteries? Will it eventually crash because it’s leaking memory?

Or maybe you’re trying to debug an issue, and you need to know all of the network calls the app is making. Or your UI isn’t responding to input, and you need to figure out how much work you’re doing on the main thread?

Despite being very useful, Instruments are often under-utilized by developers of all levels. In this talk, I’d like to explore six different Instruments with which I think all developers should be familiar. Knowing the basics of these Instruments will help save time and frustration for developers trying to fix bugs, and will help ensure that their apps make the best impression for their users.