Software development security with Swift

Last updated: 3 months ago

You made apps with Swift, even with UIKit and maybe with the newest SwiftUI framework. But, is your code secure? What is a secured code? In fact, what is secure development?

Secure development is to apply the best practices in your code and all the things you must to put on a list, to follow tick by tick, for ensuring that your app conforms with the best security about your user data.

Privacy is important, but like developers, we have our responsibility to ensure data on disk, on databases, to obfuscates the strings, to encrypt the communications between the server-side and our API...

Following a practical workshop with an unsecured app and a Swift Server Side API, I can teach you how to apply the best practices in cryptography (Using both CommonCrypto API and the newest CryptoKit), APIs, databases and all the work with your user data.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
3 months

"is your code secure" instead of "does your code is secure"

There is no such term as "secure development" in common English. Try to rephrase (e.g. security-oriented development)

3 months

Thanks for the comment. I use "Software development security".

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