MetricKit - Metrics & Beyond! 🚀

Last updated: 3 months ago

Beyond all the fuss at WWDC around SwiftUI, Apple released MetricKit. A brand new framework to help pull out key metrics from your iOS app.

In this talk, we will build a sample iOS app and a sample Swift Vapor API to send your key metrics to be displayed. I think with MetricKit we can really start digging into key metrics that were always hard to debug in the past.

In the hands-on talk, I will go through best practices with both the Vapor API and the Swift iOS application.

Expect us to cover topics;

  • The MetricKit framework (in-depth covering all the available API's)
  • Building a brand new Vapor Swift API to receive the custom data from the iOS application.
  • A brand new iOS application to received the custom metrics and send across to the Vapor API.

To finish, we will go through all the different metrics we can consume and best practices.

Audience: Beginner to Advanced Swift knowledge.