Developers productivity on steroids with project generation

Last updated: 3 months ago

Xcode is the interface to our projects. Among others, we use it for playing with Swift to add new features to our apps, to write tests, or to debug issues when they arise. Over the years, it has done its best to accommodate the unceasing growth of the platform and the size of the apps. Unfortunately, many companies that use it at scale these days, meaning by scale with large projects and in large teams, have some struggles using it: slow build times, constant git conflicts, slow indexing of files, hard-to-debug errors...

Imagine for a second that struggles go away; that your projects are defined in one line, have a consistent structure, and that misconfigurations can be caught easily. Imagine your projects contain just what developers need, and because of that, Xcode works more reliably and indexes the project faster. Imagine adding new modules is as easy as writing Swift. Guess what? You don't have to imagine, because that's actually possible.

In this talk, I'll share the motivation that led me to dive into this exciting domain, and how I ended up building a tool that leverages project generation to overcome all the struggles that I was facing. Moreover, I'll share some real examples from companies that are currently using it, as well as how we plan to leverage the power of project generation to speed up build times with distributed caching of modules.


UIKonf Friendly Commenter
4 months

Is the tool you built open source?

4 months

Yes. I'll demo it and share all the resources so that attendees can adopt it in their projects.

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