What is "Social Engineering?"...Protecting DATA, from Espionage, Spy Activity.

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By outlining the psychological aspects of Social Engineering, Data Breaching and the prevention of Data loss.

BY CONVERTING YOUR EVERYDAY SOCIAL AND OBSERVATIONAL SKILLS into simple criminal/psychological profiling techniques.

Retired Criminal Profiler & Hostage Negotiator, Crux Conception, has taken his years of training, education, and experience to develop a method, which will allow individuals within THE TECH COMMUNITY to utilize:

social, people, and observation skills, to detect potential THEFT and acts of COMPANY ESPIONAGE.

NEW: This lecture will display methods used by individuals to infiltrate social media accounts by using fake accounts and collecting data from unknowing account holders. (using altered photos, which will appear original and pass a "google photo search", disseminating false or misleading information and more).

MY PRESENTATION WILL ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE: We will focus on their psychological motivations, to identify the emotional precursors. We will combined open-discussions, media, and PowerPoints, to illustrate, cultural adaptation, borderline personality disorder, psychological autopsy, precursors to ESPIONAGE, SPYING, and THEFT of DATA.

The presentation will give participants innovative insights to conduct psychological field profile/assessments and verify potential risk factors. This presentation will outline the mental aspects of Data Breaching and possible prevention of Data Loss.

In today’s world of CYBER-RISK and CYBER-SECURITY, we sometimes forget about the individuals or dare I say SUSPECTS behind the BREACH, ATTACK, or THEFT. We neglect these individuals until it is too late, and the damage has been done.

Individuals such as:

EDWARD J. SNOWDEN The media hails him as a “whistleblower,” but MR. SNOWDEN stole DATA belonging to the NSA, and disseminated said data to individuals with unauthorized access.

•William Binney (NSA) •Jose Ignacio Lopez (GM) Chief of productions accused of corporate espionage. •Steven Louis Davis (Gillette) Pled guilty to theft of trade secrets.

•Patricia Dunn (Hewlett-Packard) Involved in a spying scandal.

•Ross Klein and Amar Lalvani (Starwood Hotels) downloaded confidential Starwood information to use later at Hilton.