Code Review, A Software Engineer's Best Friend

Last updated: 3 months ago

One of the most powerful software quality tools are code reviews - an activity in which a developer, other than the author, examines a software deliverable for defects, and improvement opportunities. For a new Engineer, a code review can be a valuable learning resource, and for a more experienced Engineer it can be a good teaching mechanism when done properly. Whether you are a fresh college graduate, or a Senior Engineer with multiple years of experience under your belt, this talk will take you on the journey of a team that transformed their code review process from being vague and lacking, to being the biggest investment of their resulting, high quality code output. On this short journey we will specifically focus on:

  • The importance of the human factor in code reviews.
  • The value of knowing who the review is for (understanding your audience).
  • What code reviews are and how they should be used effectively.
  • Best practices as well as General Do's and Don'ts.

By the end of this talk your perspective on code reviews should change and you will approach code reviews as what they really are - a Software Engineer's Best Friend (woof! woof!)


4 months

Goce Anastasovski Mon, Dec 30, 2019, 1:43 PM to me

I believe the importance of code reviews as a teaching tool and interaction with your coworkers is under-served in most companies. With this talk I am hoping to point out the importance of code reviews and the powerful teaching tool they can be if done properly

UIKonf Friendly Commenter
3 months

Interesting since we also make use of intense code review. Would vote for you 👍

3 months

Thank you! A part of the talk also focuses on the human aspect of code review and the important role it can play in work culture/career development

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